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World Food LLC

Prepared for Chefs by Chefs

Pre-Cut Vegetables

World Food has the freshest, cut-to order produce available. That means your order is cut only when you order it and isn't pulled from a lot sitting on shelf. You can't get it any fresher - unless you cut it yourself! We receive deliveries 6 days a week to ensure we start with the best fruits and vegetables

for your order!

In addition, we have a rigorous Quality Assurance Program that checks every box as it comes in the door. We check the cleanliness of the truck, the temperature of the product and the overall quality of the produce. If it doesn't meet our goes back on the truck! During our production, this team ensures the safety of your food along with the standards we are known for. To learn more about our food safety program, click here.

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Pre-Cut Vegetables

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