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World Food LLC

Prepared for Chefs by Chefs

Pre-Cut Fruit

World Food carries almost every type of fruit cut into every shape imaginable. Our goal is to provide our customers with products that exceed their expectations! Each commodity is carefully sourced through reputable vendors, then tested for ripeness and sugar content as it arrives. We offer five pound food service packs as well as individual sized portions for retail.

We are so sure that we will exceed your expectations, that if we deliver a product that you are not happy with, we will pick that product up and deliver a replacement! We are open six days a week and have two delivery runs per day. With a guaranteed six day shelf life, you can always count on World Food for all your culinary needs.

If you don't see an item listed or if you would like a sample of one of our products, please email us at or call us at 407-851-4504.

We currently offer the following cuts:

Diced, skin-on Apples

Cored, skin-on Apples - Quartered

Peeled, Matchstick Apples

Peeled and Halved Melons

Diced Melons (1/4" - 1.5" dice)

Citrus Sections

Citrus Wedges - Skin on

Whole Peeled Kiwi

Peeled and Quartered Kiwi

Limes - Sliced 1/4"

Julienne Mango

Peeled and Seeded Mango

Whole Peeled Oranges

Diced Papaya (1/4" - 1/2" dice)

Pineapple Cups

Peeled and Halved Pineapple

Strawberries - Diced

Strawberries - Halved and Clipped

Watermelon - Skin On Wedge

Fruit Blends

...and many more!

Stone Fruit

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