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Food Safety

World Food’s focus on food safety revolves around its compliance to regulatory required current Good Manufacturing Practices, implementation of a voluntary HACCP plan and verification through participation in the SQF certification program.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) – Is a food safety program that was developed in the 1960’s to assist the space program’s ability to send safe food into space. The purpose of this program is to review the production flow through the food preparation facility from receipt to shipping, evaluating each step for any biological (micro-organisms), chemical or physical (metal, wood, glass, etc.) hazards that are reasonably likely to occur. The facility’s food safety team will analyze these hazards (perform a Hazard Analysis) to determine if they are Critical to producing safe food. If it is determined that loss of control at this step would result in unsafe product then the facility would consider the step a Critical Control Point. The facility will develop acceptable limits (Critical Limits) for the Critical Control Point that if exceeded will result in a corrective action to ensure only safe product leaves the facility. The Critical Control Point will be monitored at a sufficient frequency to ensure that the Critical Limit is always met for the product produced as finished product. For any items not meeting the Critical Limit would not enter the market place by way of a predetermined Corrective Action. To ensure the plan is working effectively the facility verifies the system routinely as well as review the necessary documentation.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) – Each food facility must operate in a sanitary fashion to ensure production of safe food. The guidelines are outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations (21cfr110). It provides the basic information, but each facility must detail how they will comply with these cGMPs.

SQF (Safe Quality Food) – This three level scheme recognized by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) originated in Australia. SQF is a certification of the manufacturing facility’s food safety systems. The extensive audit process ensures that the facility is doing what they say (providing detailed documented procedures and policies), saying what they do (following their procedures and policies) and proving it (through documented validation and verification activities).

SQF Level 1 – The basic level of compliance with the SQF standard, this does not include a HACCP plan review. It is not recognized by GFSI.

SQF Level 2 – This GFSI recognized scheme includes the requirement of a functioning HACCP plan.

SQF Level 3 – This GFSI recognized scheme includes HACCP and a Food Quality Plan.

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