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World Food LLC

Fresh Cut Fruit and Vegetable Processing - USDA kitchen

Now Offering Box Lunches!



In addition to the delicious offering on our World Food To Go line, we are now proud to offer a complete box lunch.  These will include a sandwich or salad, side dish such as pasta salad or chips, fruit and a dessert.  They are completely customizable!  Just let us know what you are looking for an we will make it happen!  World Food is a USDA regulated production facility.  We maintain the highest standards for sanitation and temperature control. Call us today!

Eat Local Produce from World Food

Being based in Orlando, FL, we have the unique ability to buy directly from farmers during the spring season.  When you buy green, red or yellow peppers, strawberries or cauliflower, you are purchasing food that was grown only a couple of miles from your business!  That's how we guarantee the freshest product available is delivered to your back door!


New Website Launch


World Food has ungone a lot of changes this past year!  We had a major renovation in the plant, added a new retail line and added many employees.  We also felt like it was time to re-vamp our website with current images that represent who we are now.  We hope that our customers can come to our blog to learn about special promotions and to keep up with trends in fruits and vegetables.  Thanks for taking a look at our new site!

During the month of March,  we will continue to see our honeydew and cantaloupe come from off-shore. The fruit is plentiful and has a high sugar content.  

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